Day 13 - holy moly ( paint-over week 2 )

General / 12 March 2018


So I have not realized it's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post. Such a bad boy I have been :D basically most of my time went into preparing for the talk that I did on Thursday, it was my first talk in front of such a big live audience, let me tell you I was nervous. I actually don't remember most of it :D but the organizers said that all was great and there were some students that asked questions and stayed to talk after so I guess it wasn't as bad as I think ;] Overall I like it and if people got something useful out of it I am happy.

In a mean time I have been working up another sketch from the series. 

In this one I want to show the scale of these massive ice formations. So I start as usual with a 3D model for this shot. While I was working on the shot I was talking to my friend David Kaye ( ) and he helped my out with some tips and trick for the render, so thanks again David ;] anyway here are some renders

So as usual I am using MODO and Octane to make these. For the model I took a scan of the rock and twist/bend it until I got the shapes I like. Surely I could have done it much faster in ZBrush or 3D Coat, but... yeah you right I couldn't be bothered :D so next step is to get those sexy clouds and more moody feeling to this image. Will update on that soon.

As usual coments, crtis and questions are welcome ;] 

p.s. since I have been away so long lets do this week a paint-over week, so if you have something you want me to help you with send it my way ;]

Over and out.