Day 21 - no title what so ever

General / 08 December 2018


Sorry no tiles for today my brain is blank. I guess sometimes you hit the point where you at the brink of burnout. Fortunately years of practise thought me how to deal with that. I would give you an advise but from what I saw in other people its always different, so experience it and learn where your limit is, and how to get back on your feed quickly. Guess the only advise is to put down your work and not try to work if you burned out.

Anyway back to my work. I tried to put all these shots together and understood that I should have done that earlier :D as they story seems to be forced. Ou well lesson learned, also bunch of other stuff as well. 

In any-case there are some things that I will definitely change also not sure about some comps especially those in the middle, maybe adding something more interesting to them would help it out, but I have no ideas today. So please if any of you have any suggestions I am more than opened to hear them. 

Also l have a question, how many of you want to see the inside of the ship? And maybe you could tell me on what do you think it could look like? I have my ideas but being coupled up freelancer is always nice to talk to someone.

Thats all for today, as usual crits and feedback is welcomed! 

Over and out.

Day 20 - the pain of software

General / 05 December 2018

Hi fellow artist,

Been a bit occupied by client work so finally had a bit of time to work on my personal stuff. So as mentioned before I started learning blender, and although I love the software there are bunch of bugs in Alpha releases. Especially those were you put lots of work and it crashes :D so I tried to do some sketches for 5 times, and every-time I seem to run is one trouble or another, but its getting much better with Beta version now. Still I have no time to do those sketches again. In any-case been working on my little spaceship. 

Sketch made in blender 2.8 using grease pencil following Jama's tutorials. The design is from my old piece and should be a part of images that I started with the ice planet. In any-case I found while in 2.8 alpha it was easier to export sketched bezier curves to 2.7 and them extrude them in to the geometry as you can see bellow. After I was doing grease pencil on geo in 2.8 to suggest the details but it crashed as mentioned before ( one time when I actually finished the sketch :D )

I also had time to work one of my helicopter sketches. Just the usually better render, bit of atmosphere, character placement. Still not sure if I'm done with that, as it looks boring, but maybe it has a feeling needed for the shot. 

I guess that is it for now, I still going to try finish all the lets call it story shots before "officially" posting them on my Artstation, so if you are interested in progress keep an eye on the blog ;] 

As always crits and comments are welcome. 

Over and out.

Day 19 - slow progress

General / 24 November 2018

Hello fellow readers, 

So been playing around with that story bit and after consulting some friends I decided to redo some sketches for the previous images. So been slow progress because of client work as well as trying to figuring out best angles to tell some story ;] anyway after exploring here is what I ended up with

Just wanted to capture a shot where team lands on the spaceship.

Sorry this time it is a small update but I hope I'll have some time to finish these up next week. Also planing on one more shot with entrance to the ship. 

Over and Out.

Day 18 - The Blender horizon

General / 21 November 2018

So I wanted to do a little story for the image I posted before, something just a little bit. So tried to do a cinematic composition, dunno it's kinda hard but I already took too long for it so just going to move on with one of them.

shot 1 sketches

shot 2 sketches

Still planing on 2 more shots, one of troops on the surface already and another by the entrance to the "ship".

Also Im learning new 3D software and here a small tip/opinion for you. Learning new program in my option is alway best by doing you own stuff rather than following tutorial. Mostly because you probably have different  your workflow and stile than person sharing the tutorial. Also you may different questions about how to do certain things. That being said I jumped on a Blender train for past 3 weeks and although its quite fun at the same time for me it the workflow for it is so much different form Modo that I was used to. Long story short it will take time to get used to it, but it's fun so I think I will make a transition. 

So as I am still exploring the new software I should post some process soon, where I will try to design a spaceship that has been long over due on my mind :D

As always comments/crits/suggestions are welcome ;] Thank you!

Over and out.

Day 17 - Ship no ship, alien no alien

General / 06 November 2018

So I was playing around with the image and I was trying so hard to put a planet and space ship and make it an alien planet. It seemed like I was fighting something that wasn't suppose to be. Somehow just didn't sick, and keeping in mind that I never intended any planet in the beginning I thought I just roll back to the original plan.

So after a lot of fighting with my self here is an outcome, still some adjustments to make but that for the next time.

For the spaceship I tried to push it towards looking more like a whale ( which was my original idea, not sure if you saw that :D )

As usual comments and crits are welcome as well as if you have any question don't hesitate to ask.

Over and out.

Day 16 - too much render fun

General / 31 October 2018

Howdy Ho,

So continuing with my image I actually spend way too much time exploring, rendering and trying different things. And as always after trying I realize they all look the same :D anyway was good way to brush up on workflow and binge some Netflix, but you know the render is good when you can do 5 images in 1 episode :D

So after exploring and some Photoshop here is where I am.

I tried to retain the originals sketch graphic look and feel, still not sure about those planes. Also need to work on the atmosphere, but its obvious its not going to be earth :D so bit creative freedom should be fun. 

Not too much to say today. As always crits, tips and feedback is welcome.

Over and out.

Day 15 - blast from the past

General / 26 October 2018

Hello Readers,

And so yes day 15 is only 7 months after :D wow, I actually expected bit less. For all of you that are wondering where I disappeared in short I have been traveling for 3 months and then got swarmed with work. But now I finally see some free time light and started to get into those Jama tutorials, and boy ou boy they are fun. After experimenting a bit I decided to go with an idea I had for the Kitbash 3D competition for Warzone ( that I missed obviously :D ) so just wanted to get it out there. Combined with Jama and Juilien tutorials.  

So here some comps:

Experimented with Octanes toon shader, still not how I would like it to be but hey maybe next time. So after some discussion with my friends I decided to go with bottom right one, although I like bottom left, but where is the challenge in doing the one you like :D. My free time is limited so I don't think it will go fast but who knows maybe I'll finish it today :D ( keep dreaming he said to him self )

P.S to those who were interested to see how my previous image will go, unfortunately it will have to wait, I am on my mobile rig and don't have any of those files with me ;/

Over and out.

Day 14 - Docs, Talks and Paints

General / 15 March 2018

- paint-over week 2 -

So past few days were filed with doc and talk and no so much of works :D

So thank you for those who send their work for paint-overs and I hope I helped you but the paint-over week continues and if someone has any works that they think I could help with don't be shy send them my way.

As for the image that I have posted before, been working it up. Have a challage to make the scale right but I think I am getting there somehow :D

so here are some updates 

I started by putting some photos on to my render, wasn't the best choice as I should have started with the background ;] reason being that what you put in the background dictates color and light for the rest of the scene. So by taking care of that first makes the rest of the process much easier, but hey :D I wanted to get on the ice stuff asap, now I will have to pay for that :D

This is with background and as you see the color and light does not match yet, will have to work on that tomorrow

There is a slight chance I will go with a lighter mood but it would not help with a story as this should still portray a feeling of unknown possible danger, but then again the next shot that I planed is in day time ( i remembered that just after putting the dark background ) so it would make sense to do a lighter scene and achieve same feeling in different way.

So pain over week is still going so if you need some tips or directions or any help with your work I will be glad to help.

Over and out.

Day 13 - holy moly ( paint-over week 2 )

General / 12 March 2018


So I have not realized it's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post. Such a bad boy I have been :D basically most of my time went into preparing for the talk that I did on Thursday, it was my first talk in front of such a big live audience, let me tell you I was nervous. I actually don't remember most of it :D but the organizers said that all was great and there were some students that asked questions and stayed to talk after so I guess it wasn't as bad as I think ;] Overall I like it and if people got something useful out of it I am happy.

In a mean time I have been working up another sketch from the series. 

In this one I want to show the scale of these massive ice formations. So I start as usual with a 3D model for this shot. While I was working on the shot I was talking to my friend David Kaye ( ) and he helped my out with some tips and trick for the render, so thanks again David ;] anyway here are some renders

So as usual I am using MODO and Octane to make these. For the model I took a scan of the rock and twist/bend it until I got the shapes I like. Surely I could have done it much faster in ZBrush or 3D Coat, but... yeah you right I couldn't be bothered :D so next step is to get those sexy clouds and more moody feeling to this image. Will update on that soon.

As usual coments, crtis and questions are welcome ;] 

p.s. since I have been away so long lets do this week a paint-over week, so if you have something you want me to help you with send it my way ;]

Over and out.

DAY 12 - Pep talk work

General / 27 February 2018

Hello my Jungle friends,

And so it is, my daily sketching turned into preparing for upcoming "lecture" although its still couple weeks ago but since this is my first time in front of a crowd I need to prep so most of my morning time is going into that. By the way if someone is interested I will be doing the talk at Chesterfield Colleges Digital Careers Week on 8th of March. 

On the other hand when I have time I'm working on this bad boy :D

Still ways to go and probably I'll remove some stuff to make composition better ( although I was never a fan of center vanishing point but hey practice ) at this point practice sketch has become a full on painting again :D

for you who are interested here are some shots of the process

Basic process of deleting and adding. I did have an idea in the beginning sort of a stronghold in between these abandoned containers, maybe a small city, but I think its not going to fly for this composition in the end so I'll change it to smth else, or not :D

As for my small IP as I said I finished the space shot on Friday, but had some friends over so haven't posted it yet, but you blog readers will be the first to lay your eyes on my planet code-named Laika :D

Maybe it need bit of sharpening or contrast but I'l look in to it before I post it.

As always all crits are welcome ;]

Over and out.