Day 21 - no title what so ever

General / 08 December 2018


Sorry no tiles for today my brain is blank. I guess sometimes you hit the point where you at the brink of burnout. Fortunately years of practise thought me how to deal with that. I would give you an advise but from what I saw in other people its always different, so experience it and learn where your limit is, and how to get back on your feed quickly. Guess the only advise is to put down your work and not try to work if you burned out.

Anyway back to my work. I tried to put all these shots together and understood that I should have done that earlier :D as they story seems to be forced. Ou well lesson learned, also bunch of other stuff as well. 

In any-case there are some things that I will definitely change also not sure about some comps especially those in the middle, maybe adding something more interesting to them would help it out, but I have no ideas today. So please if any of you have any suggestions I am more than opened to hear them. 

Also l have a question, how many of you want to see the inside of the ship? And maybe you could tell me on what do you think it could look like? I have my ideas but being coupled up freelancer is always nice to talk to someone.

Thats all for today, as usual crits and feedback is welcomed! 

Over and out.